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Osteopathy and a Dancer’s Posture

19 August 2011

A dancer’s body is a means of expression and an instrument that needs to be as balanced as possible. Dancers are subject to a high risk of injury and posture is an important factor. Osteopathy can help prevent injuries by having an effect on the postural system.

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Postural Balance and Osteopathy

11 July 2011

An individual’s posture is multifactorial—it is regulated by multiple sensory inputs and its balance is maintained by active and passive forces generated by the person’s body. Different factors can upset postural balance. Mechanical constraints are therefore placed on the body, which can eventually develop all types of problems.
By helping the body’s tissues regain their mobility and fluid motion, and by re-establishing healthy communication between the different systems, the osteopath can improve postural balance and optimize the function of the subtle mechanics of the human body.

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Osteopathy and Posture

5 April 2011

Neck and back pain can often stem from a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for long periods can be harmful to both your back and your neck. Here are a few tips to improve your posture while sitting. Don’t notice any improvement? An osteopath can help you by stimulating the mobility of different parts of your spine.

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