Consulting an osteopath for pain during sex

Consulting an osteopath for pain during sex

11 August 2011

In our daily practice, we provide osteopathic care to women while they are pregnant as well as after delivery. During the post-partum phase, some women experience pain during sex for several months or even years. The pain can be due to a difficult vaginal birth, a lack of scar flexibility following a laceration of the perineum or an episiotomy as well as the hypersensitivity of those scars. A lack of mobility of the uterus and the neighbouring structures can also contribute to the symptoms. For example, pain can be experienced following a C-section due to a lack of flexibility in abdominal and uterine scarring.

Some women are embarrassed to talk about their pain. They may think that it is normal following delivery and that the pain will disappear over time. As a result, they engage in sexual relations much less frequently and at times avoid intercourse.

By carrying out a detailed evaluation of the structures involved and by providing specific osteopathic treatment, an osteopath can significantly alleviate this problem, which affects the quality of life of these women as well as their relationships.

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Joan Poirier, D.O.

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