Vomiting and Breastfeeding Difficulties

Vomiting and Breastfeeding Difficulties

11 July 2011

A baby is crying because it is hungry and, despite its efforts to breastfeed, it is unable to keep down or digest any milk it manages to swallow. This situation points to several possible problems that an osteopath can correct during a consultation.

Regurgitation – gastric reflux

Although difficult to determine given that it is situated in the esophagus, acid reflux causes a newborn to experience a painful burning sensation, particularly when lying down. The baby may fuss when being put down, squirm in pain, vomit and refuse to sleep or to feed.
Gastric reflux and regurgitation are related to the immaturity of the digestive system and often stem from excessive compression within the digestive system or on the nerve responsible for  vomiting.

By relaxing the mobility restrictions and muscle tensions in order to give the internal organs more space, an osteopath can help the newborn feed without vomiting or experiencing burning pain.

Problems related to breastfeeding and sucking

If the newborn has trouble feeding even in a comfortable breastfeeding position, it can be due to a sucking problem caused by the fact that the baby is unable to use its tongue effectively. The role of the tongue is crucial in breastfeeding: as it moves in a regular rhythm, it compresses the breast’s areola against the palate, creating an intra-oral hollow into which the milk flows. Too much compression on a cranial nerve can reduce the supply of nerves to the tongue and affect the baby’s ability to suck. The osteopath can diagnose the condition and release the bones in the skull that are squeezing the nerves or relax other restrictions if necessary.

Regurgitation, gastric reflux, problems related to breastfeeding or sucking ?

Osteopathy provides an effective solution to feeding problems among newborns.

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